Thursday, December 14, 2006

BRIEF THOUGHTS: The Alibi/Lies and Alibis

Director: Matt Checkowski, Kurt Mattila
Starring: Steve Coogan, Rebecca Romijn, Sam Elliot
Plot: A man who runs a business that provides alibis for weather adulterers suddenly finds his life turned upside down by murder, blackmail, and hitmen.
Thoughts: It's directed by a NC State graphic design graduate who did many of the cooler special effect sequences of Minority Report. It's an interesting premise, and there are some somewhat engaging plot twists to be found. However, overall it's just a mediocre affair. Still, kudos to anyone from NC State who directs a movie. If anyone can figure out why it was marketed as a different title (The Alibi) from the final title (Lies and Alibis), please let me know.


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