Monday, July 28, 2008


Director: Lou Ye
Starring: Jia Hongshen, Xun Zhou
Synopsis: The lives of two couples intersect when a courier is imprisoned for the death of his lover, who jumped off a bridge into the Suzhou River. After his release, he encounters a young woman who looks just like her.
Thoughts: Think Vertigo with a Chinese feel. This film helped define Lou Ye as one of the leading "Sixth Generation" filmmakers, and for good reason. It's a technical masterpiece; Ye uses handheld shots to give it a documentary feel, and manages to create beautiful images despite the dreary look of urban Shanghai. The parallel storylines are intriguing and effective, and he injects the perfect amount of surrealism into the plot, so that you're never quite sure what will happen next. A fascinating look at the lives of four Chinese youths looking for love.


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